The Abstract

Nowadays, all real estate brands in India are offering almost the same kinds of Property deals. The market competition is so high that the size and cost of all 2, 3, and 4 BHK properties in any particular location are more or less the same.

Under such confusing circumstances, it would be harder for any home buyer to choose the right kind of home that can meet their dreams and aspirations for the rest of their life.

Since the fundamental aspects, such as flat size and property prices are likely to dwell within a predictable range, it would be going to create an enormous amount of confusion among the buyers as to how they should select their real estate product out of an abundant inventory!

Go through the following blog and explore the importance of amenities and locational advantages in the real estate sector. Check out how a comparative analysis followed by these parameters would help you to choose a better residential real estate.

Filter Out the Mediocre Properties?

There are a plethora of residential townships available in the market. But ironically, not each one of these housing locations is fit to fulfill your dreams. Not all of them are built and designed to serve your personalized living requirements.

Nevertheless, many ill-informed home buyers still fall into the trap of the greedy real estate brokers and end up buying four-cornered concrete structures which are as dead as doornails, lifeless and surrounded by the lackluster ambiance.

Now, this is a self-made disaster, usually happens as a consequence of poor decision making and ignorance and to avoid it you need to know how to compare all the available properties in your hand based on the quality of construction, locational advantages and above all the additional amenities that the builders are providing along with their product packages.

Following is a list of reasons which would allow you to figure out how a comparative property analysis based on the available amenities and property location can help you arrive at better conclusions while searching for a brand new.

● Just check out the list of amenities that you are going to get with each property. Compare them with each other.
● See who is providing the best quality construction as well as amenities of international standards.
● Residential townships with the highest number of amenities would surely deliver a better living experience.
● See whether you will get ultra-luxurious amenities like a clubhouse, swimming pool, yoga center, gymnasium, sports club, enough parking lots, and power backups or not.
● Are they providing facilities like rainwater harvesting, solar-powered homes, waste management, and sewage system underneath, 24*7 water supply facilities?
● How long do you have to commute to reach your job destination? Is there any school, college, or university near your residential society?
● How far is the nearest multispeciality hospital from your location? What about markets, shopping malls, and retail centers? What is the nearest railway station? How far do you have to travel to reach the nearest Airport?

An Invaluable Opportunity for New Home Buyers: –

But before we move further into the topic, we want to take you through a little description of a newly launched residential township in Pune, called The Majestique Marbella. Being surrounded by west India’s one of the fastest-growing industrial zones the project enjoys an enormous amount of opportunity in terms of new job opportunities and businesses.

It is a well-planned residential township, built, designed, and developed by India’s one of the most prominent real estate developers-The Majestique Landmark. Majestique Marbella 3 BHK apartments in Pune are an ideal amalgamation of urban architecture, sustainable living, and aim to deliver a complete living experience for the home buyers.

Apart from that, numerous world-class amenities and locational advantages also make it a splendid living space. The construction of 300 under construction units is going to be completed in 2023. But if you invest now, you will surely get jaw-dropping discounts on the overall price. So, take a look at Majestique Marbella 2 BHK apartments in Kharadi Pune and Majestique Marbella 3 BHK apartments in Kharadi Pune and try to understand how rare luxury amenities that have been introduced are making the difference!