We’ve moved two years past the pandemic, and the economy can be easily segregated into the ones that are thriving, those that are existing, and those that are facing humongous losses. The cleft in human interaction has affected the supply chain mechanisms and has also left a dent in labour markets severely affecting the cash flow in the macroeconomy. As a by-product, Inflation has impacted everyone, where an increase in wages has been reported majorly. The correlation between real estate and inflation has always been positive, that is they are directly proportional to each other.

Property has been treated as gold in the Indian economy from time immemorial. From gold to property, the Indian middle class still finds these assets most valuable of all. This can also be analysed from the fact that real estate has lived up to its reputation, from yielding interests, and rentals to getting literal set-offs in case of capital loss, the benefits of investing in the same have been astonishing.

The real estate market also offers much liquidity as collateral to raise cash. The rental index reflects the upward rising trend in 2022, the demand for houses has grown 29.4% q-o-q and 84.4% y-o-y according to Magicbricks.com. This has shown property investment as a feasible opportunity for potential investors. With the introduction of REIT, real estate has proven itself to be a big-ticket investment. They are the companies that operate income-generating real estate assets.

Benefits of Being an SEZ

Kharadi is sanctioned as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) where the developers are entitled to certain exemptions and concessions. This can also raise curiosity among the investors that how an SEZ will be able to rope in benefits

    • Creation of an enclave for the real estate market
    • Generation of employment opportunities
    • Development of world-class facilities

SEZs can provide economies that are accessible and easily available to be characterised by duty-free import and export, toned down custom expenditures, fewer impediments on foreign ownership, as well as smooth connectivity, and world-class amenities.

SEZs can play the role of the government to test the waters and bring in more effective policy so that they can get a preliminary idea of its effect. One can also get goods at discounted price and later on realize it for a much deeper price.

The advantages of clustering and co-existing economies have proven to be a great attraction for investors. In many countries, the incentives, infrastructure support, and business facilitation in SEZs are meant to attract cash flow into the said economy. However, zones are neither a precondition nor a guarantee for good performance on Foreign Direct Investment attraction.

Glancing Through a Cosmopolitan Lens

Pune is the eighth-largest cosmopolitan city in the country. Moreover, the city boasts the sixth highest per capita in the country. With rapid urbanisation, the city has seen tremendous growth when it comes to population settlement. From Hinjewadi to Magarpatta, the city has seen several IT parks come into play. Among all of these, Kaharadi has seen the most significant growth in terms of infrastructure. The transformation of Kharadi from being highly untapped to a posh residential community has added dimensions to the cosmopolitan culture of Pune.

Majestique Marbella as a Developer

Majestique Landmarks started as a textile company. Eventually, the business expanded to include production facilities at 30 retail outlets in all the major cities of Maharashtra. The company diversified into the real estate sector, with residential projects in Pune, at Hadapsar and Market Yard. The timely delivery and quality of the project have been a hit among the residents each aiming at specific demography.

Their new project, Majestique Marbella blends well with the lush scenic backdrop, to provide you with a warm and friendly neighbourhood. With prominent malls in the vicinity, Kharadi is always a go-to place for upscale crowds. With such hustle and bustle, one can also avail transport and many more facilities with ease, yielding high-scale returns. The sense of ownership that can be generated by owning such a property is commendable.

When it comes to factors like security and vigilance, consumers have given paramount importance to the same. From 24-hour electricity to the availability of pure water, to rainwater harvesting, residents are looking to put in cash where they are getting their penny’s worth in literal terms. The pandemic has made everyone precautious and has made them understand that homes have greater importance than just a place for resting bones.

The aspiration to live a clean and healthy lifestyle has become a reality. With a wide variety of options available in the market, it has become essential to go through the reviews to do the cost-benefit analysis and understand the ROI wisely. It has also kept the investors on the run with their choices.

The reviews and constant gauging of the economy properly have helped many to step up their investment game and introduce the readers to the basics of investing in portfolio investment. Therefore, it is advisable to go through the property reviews before investing in it.

Pricing Benefits

One of the vital benefits of investing in Kharadi is that one can get greater returns on their investment with the rapid industrialization that is taking place in the area. This can be also due to the fact that there has been composite development in the said area, which has opened doors for blue chip companies looking to extend their presence.

The globally feted roads and the civic architecture have been phenomenal when it comes to Kharadi. The desire to own a home for first-time home buyers and the opportunity to dwell in one of the most happening places in the city has made Majestique Marbella Kharadi for many. This has been attracting the metropolitan population to buy flats near Kharadi which is forecasted to offer lucrative property appreciation in the years to come.


Kahradi has been the prime focus of the civic body for the past few years. With the large-scale infrastructure in purview, investors can be assured to get their penny’s worth and also enjoy the world-class amenities being developed on a real-time basis. Salary professionals along with business professionals are reaping the benefits of having a property at such a prime location. Social infrastructure has come in to play a pivotal role and has transformed the concept of ‘Walk to Work’ into ‘Neighborhood Strategizing.’

The next decade is going to be the determinant of being far-sighted, owing to it one will be able to survive through the trying waves. With the upcoming infrastructure in sight, investors can get early discounts according to the floor plan which will have a significant impact on their portfolio investment.