Pune is the home to dozens of residential and commercial real estate projects. But, not all of them are equally successful. Not all of them can attract hundreds of potential real estate investors. Honesty, at present, there are only a few residential township projects in Pune that can deliver the best performance in the post-pandemic era.

However, the Majestique Marbella affordable apartments, located in Kharadi, Pune, is undoubtedly one of those real estate projects in Pune that has successfully dodged the traditional myths and demonstrated solid growth in the last financial quarter. It is providing a wide range of lucrative property packages embedded with high discounts, attractive amenities.

Read this blog to know more about the Majestique Marbella Affordable properties, Kharadi Pune. Together we will try to find out the factors that have driven its enormous growth during the pandemic. We will also discuss the reasons behind its popularity.

The Genesis of Everything!

In recent times, India has seen a rapid boost in its real estate market. Prices of residential and commercial properties have fallen drastically and, the demand for luxurious properties has also increased quickly. Despite the pandemic, people are very optimistic about the future of the Indian real estate sector. They recognize it as one of the most profitable zones for long term investment, especially in a time when almost all industries, be it the service sector or in manufacturing, are showing a little or no sign of hope and improvement.

However, what would catch your attention immediately is that not all residential townships and commercial real estate projects in India could successfully leverage this opportunity. Not all of them have made an extravagant fortune by selling their properties.

Only those who are offering better property deals with lucrative discounts are attracting investment in leaps and bounds. And, of course, the Majestique Marbella is no exception in that case. It is one of those fortunate real estate projects in India that has seen a real jump in its sales ratio. Read this blog further to know how Majestique Marbella Properties in affordable apartments Kharadi, Pune has made this magic happen.

Meanwhile, if you are an advanced investor, you can directly jump into our property investment section. Click on the following underlined link and book the Majestique Marbella affordable apartments in kharadi, Pune. You can also talk to our market experts and realtors to extract necessary information about the Majestique Marbella price list.

Top five reasons why majestique marbella is so popular among home buyers.

What do you see while buying a dream home? What are your property selection criteria? How do you set your personal preferences while choosing the best residential property for sale in India? Well, let me guess.

Like all other ambitious home buyers, you must have been looking for comprehensive residential townships. It must offer luxurious living spaces with opulent interiors, best-in-class amenities, superfast connectivity, world-class social infrastructure, and last but not least-complete assurance for on-time project completion, timely delivery, and timely possession.

But, the problem here is not with your choice. In reality, it is hard to find such residential apartments that you can refer to as ideal homes. Besides that, not all residential townships in Pune can deliver a complete living experience.

The Majestique Marbella Affordable apartments in Pune are a real misnomer, in this case. It is a residential city with a wide range of awe-inspiring amenities, comfortability, and conveniences, all consolidated under one roof so that you don’t have to go elsewhere. Below I have listed the five most important factors. They are driving the growth of Majestique Marbella properties, in Kharadi, Pune.

A) Special Features-American standard with an Indian essence!

The Majestique Marbella’s Affordable apartments in Pune come with nicely designed interiors, fitted with accessories of the American standard. They are there to provide you with the highest degree of comfortability within your living spaces.

A Kitchen for the Aristocrats!

● Granite plated Chopping and cooking platforms for your kitchen
● Modern kitchen fittings-Stainless steel sink & Dado tile fittings -up to two feet level
● Exhaust fans from the best brands of the market.

Luxurious Bathrooms:-

● Every Majestique Marbella Affordable apartment in Pune has a world-class bathroom with sanitary fittings of the American standard.
● Designers made tiles being fitted up to the lintel level of your bathroom.
● CP fittings of Grohe & amp standard or equivalent products.
● You will get a tabletop washbasin as well.
● Every bathroom and toilet unit has large provisions for exhaust fans.

Flooring & Walls: –

● Best in class vitrified flooring for the whole 2, & 3 Bhk flats for sale in Kharadi, Pune-800*800
● Toilet flooring, floors of terraces & balconies have AntiSkid tile fitting.
● Walls coated with the best quality plastic emulsion paints.

Nostalgic Windows: –

● The doors and window frames of the Majestique Marbella affordable apartments for sale in Pune are attached with granite window sills.
● Powder-coated UPVC sliding, available in all windows of your home, flats, and apartments for sale in kharadi, Pune.
● Mosquito meshes are also there in every window.
● Terraces with strong glass fittings.

Electrical Wirings & Appliances: –

● Highest standard of electrical wiring, coated with heat resistance polycab or material of the equivalent class.
● Switches and sockets of our 2 Bhk flats for sale in Pune and 3 Bhk flats for sale in Pune American standard; reducing the risk of electrical accidents;
● DB of Schneider or products of equivalent standard. There are multiple Ac points in your dream master bedroom.

Multiple Elevators and Lifts: –

● Each floor in the Majestique Marbella Property in Kharadi, Pune, has multiple automated passenger elevators-Kone Or equivalent class.
● Advance generator station to backup Majestique Marbella’s affordable apartments in Kharadi, Pune!

Secure Entrance Lobby:-

● Secured entrance lobby to stop unauthorized entries plus gated community

B) Lucrative Amenities to Provide Comprehensive Living Experiences:-

Designers and builders of the Majestique Marbella affordable Apartments in Kharadi, Pune has integrated a vast array of awe-inspiring amenities (indoor and outdoor) with its premium products like 1 Bhk home for sale in Pune, 2 Bhk flats for sale in Pune, and 3 Bhk apartments for sale in Pune, all under one umbrella. These amenities deliver a unique and royal living experience to the new-age home buyers, making life easy and comfortable.

● Vast parking spaces
● Wide pathways
● Picturesque Garden
● Fountains on the front side
● Gazebo and Jogging Track
● Jacuzzi and steam bath
● Play area for kids
● A Mini Theatre
● Gymnasium & Jogging track
● Meditation & Yoga Centre
● Electronic surveillance
● Multipurpose courtyard
● Facilities for Rainwater harvesting
● Multipurpose halls
● Plug & Play functional area
● Independent Co-working spaces, Only for society members

If you aspire to be a king, then behave like a king. Make an informed decision. Talk to our realtors and take a free site visit. Also, click on the link attached here and do check the Majestic Marbella price list here.

Locational Advantages-Connecting You to The Rest of The World.

Modern Day home buyers usually prefer locations that connect them directly with the social and public infrastructures such as roads, highways, railway stations, airports, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and shopping malls. Some of the most vital locational advantages that are making Majestic Marbella’s 2 & 3 Bhk affordable flats for sale in Pune the number one attractive option among the real estate investors are listed as follows:-

● Majestique Marbella affordable apartments Kharadi, Pune are located in proximity to India’s one of the fastest-growing industrial sectors. The location is easily accessible through world-class roadways, especially the Nagar and Magarpatta road.
● Major IT hubs and international business centers such as Eon-it-park and the World Trade Centre(WTC) are located at a small distance from Majestique Marbella’s luxurious homes and apartments for sale in Kharadi, Pune, away.
● Koregaon It Park is located within the reach of 10 Minutes; Symbiosis International School is located at a 5KM distance, fully connected to industrial zones like Kalyani Nagar and the BFSI hubs in Hadapsar and Kharadi.
● Amanora, Nitesh Estate & Seasons mall is at a distance of 3 km, Radisson Blu at 5 Km, Phoenix Market City-at a 15-minute drive from your 2 & 3 Bhk flats in Kharadi, Pune.
● Various Multispeciality hospitals like Vighneshwar hospital and City care hospital are situated nearby. Columbia Asia Hospital- 5KM away from your dream home for sale in kharadi, Pune.
● The Pune International Airport (7.3km, via Nagar-Pune to Ahmednagar Highway or Samrat Ashok Rd.) connects it with the rest of the world.

D) Discounts & Smart Deals:

In contrast to other real estate projects in nearby areas, the builders of the Majestique Marbella properties are offering mind-altering deals that you would never get anywhere else! The living environment, the accessories, the interior fittings, and the quality of the residential construction in Majestique Marbella are way above the general standards that you usually get in other so-called residential projects in India.
Apart from that, the payment plans and the price list of the Majestique Marbella affordable apartments in Kharadi, Pune, are available with fixed discounts and low-interest rates. It helps interested home buyers to save a lot of money in the long term.

So what are you waiting for so long? Let’s get in touch with the authorized real estate advisors. Book 2 Bhk Flats for sale in Kharadi, Pune, 3 Bhk Flats for sale in Pune, Studio apartments for sale in Pune, residential flats for sale in Pune, and 2 & 3 Bhk apartments for sale in Kharadi, Pune, now. Prices begin from 77 lakhs.

Product Quality:-

What we usually know is that people love the quality! But in reality, consumers would always want to buy the best quality product at a low price. But tell me, is it possible all the time? I don’t think so. All big things always come with a heavy price tag! And above all, If you want to buy the best, you will also have to spend like the best! So, don’t get afraid of the price tag. But think about what you are getting in return.

Majestique Marbella’s affordable apartments in Kharadi, Pune, are built to elevate your living standards to the highest level of comfort and convenience. They are here to serve your higher aspirations. And perhaps because of this single reason, the builders and developers of Majestique Marbella homes for sale in Pune have only focused on quality rather than quantity and low price factors. No doubt that the prices of real estate products are a little higher than the rest of the market. But, that should not bother you much as you will get a lifetime opportunity to live where millions of people in this country could only dream to live. Besides, the builders have ensured that they are giving a one hundred percent guarantee of timely possession and on-time delivery for their real estate products.

Don’t waste your time, as it never returns. Go through the Majestique Marbella Price Plan, discuss your issues with the best market experts, and book your dream living spaces here, at The Majestique Marbella, Pune’s best residential township. You can also rent your residential 2& 3 Bhk flats for sale in the Majestique Marbella Kharadi Pune, and gain a higher return on investment through lucrative rental revenues growing on a year-on-year basis.


The success of any real estate product, be it residential homes or some other commercial property, depends upon the following five things.

● Location of the project,
● The amenities
● Special interior features
● Lucrative discounts and offers.
● Product quality

And the awe-inspiring success story The Majestique Marbella affordable residential properties in Kharadi, Pune is not an exception in this case. The developers of this project have focused on these factors that eventually led to its rise and success.

Being located at the heart of Pune, it enjoys an extra edge over its pan-India competitors. The location itself is easily accessible. It directly connects you to all sorts of public infrastructure such as hospitals, hotels & restaurants, IT sectors, shopping malls, schools, and colleges, situated in Pune or nearby areas.
Apart from that, the builders of the projects also enjoy the fruits of their goodwill. They carry a very sane reputation, believe in quality construction, and deliver 2 and 3 Bhk residential flats and apartments in Pune in a timely and effortless manner.

So buy 2 & 3 Bhk residential flats and apartments in Kharadi, Pune, offering a wide range of lavish amenities and eye-catching interior designs that you would have never expected before from any other real estate builders and developers in India.